Sunday, June 23, 2013

Austrailians Ahoy!

So Imaginary wars got my Aussie fleet in on Friday, I just picked them up today because there was massive flooding in my neck of the wood including several States of emergency declared.  things have mostly calmed down now but the damage is yet to be determined. 

On the the models though, Spartan Games have done an incredible job on these, and the assemble is going smooth.  all of the turrets and drop ins are smooth, and there has been minimal flash to clean.  Magnetizing these is going quite smoothly due to a polarization tool I made.  I cant remember where I saw it to give credit, but I took two plastic sticks and drilled space for two magnets. placed opposite polarity magnets in these holes, and then labeled them body and weapon.  This had made it easy to insure that all my turrets and hulls share the correct polarity.  Once I have a chance I will take some photos and prime them.

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