Monday, June 3, 2013

This is Sparta(n games)!

One of the major consequences of the heavy gear league was meeting several new gamers, and getting to watch some other games that occurred on the same night.  On nights where no Heavy Gear players showed up, or they had pre-arranged matches, I stayed and watched what was happening at the other tables.  This was my first real intro to Flames of War, a very popular game based in WW2.  While it is an interesting game, and I highly recommend anyone that enjoys historical games to check it out, my attention was caught by a different game, Firestorm Armada by Spartan Games.  It is a incredibly interesting game about space combat.  But more than Firestorm Armada I was interested in a different game by them, Dystopian Wars.

I'm gonna borrow a description of the game from the man who introduced me to it, and whose blog I highly recommend you read.  Imagine WW2 happened in the 1800's, with weird science.  The game takes a combined arms approach, having aerial, naval and land components.  The first game I saw was a naval battle between the Covenant of Antarctica, and a force I can't remember, but I was captivated by how the game worked and the design of the models.  Last week I had the fortune of playing a 2v2 intro game with myself playing a small Antarctica fleet, allied with the Russians, and the Prussians and French on the other team.  While we finished early due to time constraints, I was sold on the game, and have placed a order for the Australian naval fleet, one of the new forces in the game. +Adam Stephens 

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